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Hi — I am Ismail!

I am a software developer based in Calgary Alberta, Canada.

I have extensive consulting background in full-stack web development, mobile development, web scraping, and DevOps. I've recently finished a college diploma in software development (part of my BSc CS plan), and I am exploring new opportunities in tech, preferably on-site and in Calgary, while still being open to part-time offers.

When I am not fiddling with code or pretending to be busy, I enjoy going out on long walks, hiking, or shredding local trails on my mountain bike.


Bow Valley College - Calgary, AB. Canada

Diploma, Software Development (3.78 GPA)
Sept 2020 - Apr 2022

Ecole Web Avancé - Agadir, Morocco

Diploma, Web Design & Development (Multimedia)
Sept 2017 - Jun 2019

Ibn Zohr University - Agadir, Morocco

2014 - 2016

Ibn Zohr University - Agadir, Morocco

2013 - 2014



Full-time, Intermediate Full Stack Developer
May 2023 - current

OLab, University of Calgary

Part-time, Research Associate
Jun 2022 - current


Full-time, Backend Developer (Temporary Contract)
Jan 2023 - Mar 2023


Part-time, Lead Developer
Mar 2017 - current


Part-time, Consultant
Feb 2017 - Mar 2023

(Entity Acquired)

Full-time, WordPress Plugins Developer
2015 - 2017



Node.js PHP Python C# TypeScript Java Deno


JavaScript React.js Next.js CSS/SASS Tailwind.css Material UI


WordPress Flask .NET Core Tornado Nest.js

Mobile Development

React Native Java/Android


AWS Linode DigitalOcean


MySQL Redis MongoDB SQL Server Postgres SQLite Realm Firebase

Payment Gateways

Stripe PayPal

Web Scraping / Browser Automation/Testing

Puppeteer Selenium Scrapy


Docker Ansible Browser Extensions Linux/Unix Bash Git TDD CI/CD Microservices & Serverless Jenkins



AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Issued by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Nov 2022 - View on Credly

Networking Essentials

Issued by Cisco
Apr 2021 - View on Credly







Tamazight (MT)


Here are some of the many projects I've had the pleasure to work on. For more, please visit my freelance portfolio or work history, or contact me.

Project Item

Property Guide Book Management

Enables clients to build and manage their guide books for their listed properties, with Stripe membership plans and user content dashboards.

Apr 2022
Project Item

Crypto Alerts Android App

Open-source Android/Java mobile application for managing crypto portfolios with background push notifications of configured alerts and price movements.

Apr 2022
Project Item

Server Management

Cloud automation tools for scaling in and out to accommodate resources on a high demand client website.

Mar 2022
Project Item

Ticker Tracker

Allows users to sign up and connect their Twitter account, add a portfolio of stocks/etfs/crypto holdings and set up monitoring rules with automated tweets.

Dec 2021
Project Item

IDR Labs

200+ Free Personality Tests, type assessment, infographics, free and premium articles, and lots more.

2017 - current
Project Item

Email Leads Chrome Extension

A tool to automate scraping business leads from Google Search.

Project Item

Phone Recycling Service

A platform where customers can receive quotes for their listed phones, sign up and complete the sale.

Project Item

Cookie Consent Banner App

GDPR scanner for cookies and user consent management.

Project Item

Agadir & Moi

A mobile app for city of Agadir, Morocco, which features various features such as updated weather, local events, news, and others.

Project Item

Walmart Insights Chrome Extension

Tracks Walmart customer browsing history to generate insights and recommendations based on customer data and Walmart Open API.

Project Item

Bot Sentinel

Bot Sentinel is a free platform developed to automatically detect political trollbots and fake news accounts.

Project Item

Property Hub

Property Hub allows rental companies to connect with clients from Ireland by creating accounts and listing properties for rent.



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